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General Information

www.foodandcancer.net (“the web portal”) is a free online information and research portal, which is operated by the non-governmental, non-profit association “Food and Cancer”, based in Theobaldgasse 7/10, A-1060 Vienna, Austria (Europe). The “Food and Cancer” Association and the online portal they operate is aimed at advancing and facilitating research into, as well as raising public awareness of the effects of nutrition on cancer development.

Terms of Service (“TOS”)

The “Food and Cancer” Association provide the services offered on their web portal to you subject to the following Terms of Service (“TOS”), which may be updated by us at future points in time without further notice to you.

By accessing and using the Services provided on this website, you (“the user”) agree to adhere to the terms and provisions of these TOS, and acknowledge the procedures described under the “Data Security & Privacy” section of this website in regard to the use of Social Plugins, Cookies and Web Analysis Services. This further applies in cases of changes to these TOS and/or enactment of new data security & privacy laws. Possible future changes to the TOS of www.foodandcancer.net, or changes to the privacy laws this website is subject to will be announced in place of the current TOS (right here). This website & the “Food and Cancer” Association is subject to both Austrian and EU laws & regulations, including data security and privacy laws. In addition, we whole-heartedly follow the ICH-GCP guidelines and the Declaration of Helsinki October 2013.

By using our services, the user does NOT enter into any kind of contract with the operators of this website, who therefore refuse any legal liability.

 Description of Services

Currently, the following services are provided on the www.foodandcancer.net web portal:

  1. editorial content on nutrition and cancer, as well as reports on ongoing scientific studies & projects
  2. log-in facility allowing users to manage subscriptions to our newsletter(s) and/or to sign up for study participation
  3. log-in section for study participants
  4. Share-buttons for sharing/sending content, utilizing social media networks (“Social Media”)
  5. Links to further, third-party websites/portals which, after careful evaluation on our behalf, were chosen for being similarly supportive to those suffering from cancer.

The operator of the web portal points out that all information and services offered on this website do not constitute medical practice as described in Paragraph 2 Point 2 & 3 of the latest applicable version of the Republic of Austria’s 1998 “Doctor’s Act” (Ärztegesetz). The use of this web portal can thus under no circumstances replace individual medical check-ups, consultation, diagnosis, and treatment by trained medical professionals (i.e. doctors).

The administrators of this web portal reserves the right to either partially change the scope, content or type of services provided, or discontinue the portal entirely without further reasoning.

Please also be aware that despite working with utmost care, printing errors or even professional or editorial errors cannot be ruled out completely. Therefore, the web portal operators cannot guarantee for the correctness, integrity and currency of the content provided, and thus refuse liability.

 Legal use of www.foodandcancer.net

To receive one of our newsletters, the user must provide his name, optionally his title and finally his email address in an online form at our website and then send the information to us. Registration of volunteers for study participation requires submission of additional data, such as First and Last Name, Address/City of Residence, Age, Sex and a telephone number as well as the provision of a contact person (in case we can’t reach you if required).

This data is required for communication during the conduct of the study and will be treated with utmost care & confidentiality in accordance with Austrian privacy laws and international ICH-GCP guidelines. Data allowing identification of individual users is stored separately from medical information, and technical measures are taken to prevent matching of that data.

Login to the participants file/account is done exclusively by means of access codes provided by the team carrying out the study. To meet the requirements for study participation, the candidate must meet all inclusion criteria and must not fulfil any of the exclusion criteria (see checklist).

We also wish to emphasise that only consenting adults aged 18 or over can participate in the study. The administrator is authorized to exclude individual users from further use of the web portal, partially or entirely, without further reasoning.

The implications of the implementation of Social Media buttons is explained in detail in the “Privacy & Data Security” section of the foodandcancer.net portal.

The use of the portal is subject to applicable copyright law. The content provided on foodandcancer.net (including all of the subsections) may not be reproduced, copied, edited, re-published, re-used, broadcast or publically provided without prior authorization of the web portal operator. However, use for private purposes is permitted.

Conduct threatening the network and system security of our website, or behaviour implying malicious intent (such as introducing a virus, “Trojan horse” or other malware) is prohibited and will be brought to the attention of law enforcement. In cases of online attacks, we will respond with legal action seeking punishment to the fullest extent of the law.

The website operator neither accepts responsibility or liability for the constant availability of the website, nor do they accept liability in cases of damage or data loss caused by viruses or malware.

The services we provide may contain links to other World Wide Web sites or resources. You acknowledge and agree that www.foodandcancer.net is not responsible for the availability of such external sites or resources, and is not responsible or liable for any content, advertising, products or other materials on or available from such sites or resources. The privacy and data security policy must be checked by the user for each and every website he visits.

Information, correction and deletion of individual/personal user data

The user has the right to request information about the data he has provided, as well as to have it corrected or deleted upon request (for further detail, see “Privacy policy & data security”). The users permission for us to collect data can be revoked at any time via email to team(at)foodandcancer.net or via letter to the address provided below.
To cancel your subscription to our newsletter(s), use the “unsubscribe” button included in every newsletter. Generally, you have the right to receive information about personal data we have collected from you, and to have this data changed or deleted.

Additional conditions for use of our web portal

Place of fulfilment and exclusive place of in rem jurisdiction is Vienna, Austria. Use of this web portal is governed exclusively by Austrian law. If individual points or sections of these TOS are contradictory or unlawful, or if a certain aspect isn’t covered, only the respective point/section is affected/revoked and will be replaced with similar rules capable of accomplishing the desired effect as well as possible. The remaining parts of the TOS remain unaffected.


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